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STR hats are cominG Soon!

Sharing the trails is what we are all about! But we can't do that without your help. We need more maps.

How do you make maps?

You need a GPS device of some sort. At one time you had to buy a dedicated device, which was expensive. Now, pretty much all of us have a device that can do the job in our pockets all the time. Yes, your cell phone can do the job.

What app should I download?

There are many that can do the job, and thankfully some of the really good ones are free. For both Android and IOS users, I recommend

"View Ranger"

It is relatively easy to use and has some very nice features. Make sure to check out the tutorials on YouTube and they will give you a good understanding on how to use it.

What Format should I submit the file in?

I will work with whatever you can get to me. The most common GPS file formats are: .gpx .kml .gdb .kmz

Use our contact page to let me know you have a map to submit and I will reply and you can then email the file to me.

Thank you so much for reading this and helping us make Saskatchewan a more ATV friendly place to ride.


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