Saskatchewan ATV Riders & sharing the trails

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Check out the article on STR in the Riders West magazine from March 2014
Facebook Group – discussions, technical help, finding people to ride with

Facebook Page – announcements, new videos, products, blog posts, Saskatchewan events

YouTube - Posting videos of rides, product and trail reviews, vlogs, promoting Saskatchewan events

Blogspot - Printed product, ride reviews, how to articles

The Sask Trail Riders Tradeshow booth

What is sask trail riders?

Our mission:

“Connecting Saskatchewan ATV Riders and Sharing the Trails”.

Sask Trail Riders is a media group that utilizes media sources like Facebook, Blogger and our website to showcase our favorite places to ride, provide maps and network with other riders who have a passion for riding. In addition our YouTube channel has fun and informative videos about Saskatchewan ATV riding, news and tech tips every rider can benefit from.

Saskatchewan is an amazing province, with many different types of terrain. But sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to ride, especially if you’re new into ATVing. It's our goal to be THE resource riders need to get on the trails and exploring all of the beautiful nature this province has to offer.

We encourage riders to ride responsibly, talking care of the land and trails so that it may be enjoyed for many years to come. We encourage the use of helmets at all times and discourage any types of reckless riding. This includes consuming alcohol while riding and destroying natural habitat for plants and animals.

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